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Process Post #10 | Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines

1. Mutual Respect in the Comments: Comments are welcomed, but please do not attack one another with hateful comments. I encourage all honest, and insightful comments from everyone, but please remember think twice before posting ate hate speech. 

2. Do not post unwarranted personal information of business owners: Please share your own experiences with the businesses that I mention in the posts, but unrelated hateful or discriminatory comments directed at business owners, and personal information of business owners will not be tolerated. Personal information including address, and contact information will be deleted

3. Blogs are opinions: Please remember that my recommendations are based on my own experiences, preferences, and opinions, what I may view as positive may be different from what you view as positive. Please explore my recommendations with that in mind. 
4. Information provided are subject to changes: All information I post, including facts about promotional deals, product information, prices, and business offerings, are correct to the best of my knowledge at the time I make the posting. That being said, this information may have been changed right after I posted, so please do further research on businesses you are curious about. 

For Our Community

I wanted to make these guidelines to promote a judge-free, discriminate-free place for everyone to communicate. I want to open the comments section up so a dialogue within our community can exist. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts and contribute to the conversation. That being said, I highly advise against hateful comments. I will promote free and open conversation so I will not delete many comments, but lets please try to keep our community honest. That being said, the only comments that WILL be deleted, are comments that state any personal information of business owners, employees of businesses, or any instances that may put someone in danger. All other discussions, whether postive or negative, I believe will contribute to the open discussion, and I will not delete. 

Please also keep in mind that I am an independent, amateur blogger, and my blog posts are based on my own opinions and any information I provide is subject to change. While I highly encourage you all to go out and experience my recommendations, I recommend a wide range of businesses, so some may not be for you. Similarly, if you go out to experience my recommendations, please remember that any information I give off product/service offering, prices, or any information of any kind is based on my own knowledge at the time of the blog’s posting date. That means that information may not be up to date, and may have changed. 

These guidelines are necessary for this blog because I want to encourage an open and honest conversation within our community. I also want to be upfront and authentic about my recommendations.


I posted my community guidelines directly on my home page, and in my “About Me” page so people can easily find and read it. I also monitor my comments section, a notification is sent each time someone comments, so I can quickly identify when comments do not follow the guidelines. 


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